Last updated on December 5th, 2023

Verve Sports Betting Sites in Nigeria

The integration of Verve, a secure and popular domestic debit card scheme, has significantly influenced online sports betting in Nigeria. This article explores the use of Verve across various betting sites, detailing the associated transaction fees, limits, and advantages and disadvantages of its use.

Online Sportsbooks That Accept Verve in Nigeria


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Fees, Timing, and Limits Applied by Verve Bookmakers in Nigeria

Verve betting platforms have distinct costs, processing times, and limitations. It is vital to understand these aspects when using Verve for transactions. The following table provides essential information concerning Verve payments at Nigerian bookmakers:

BookmakersMin. – Max. Deposit (₦)Deposit Transaction Time Deposit Fees (₦)Min. – Max. Withdrawal (₦)Withdrawal Transaction TimeWithdrawal Fees (₦)
Betano100 – 500,000Instant N/A2000 – 40,000,000Up to 2 hoursN/A
BetKing100 – 10,000,000Instant20 – 1001,000 – 10,000,000InstantNo fee 
Betbonanza100 – 250,000Instant No fee2,000 – 1,000,0002 working daysNo fee
Frapapa100 – N/AInstant No fees 500 – 500,000Up to 2 working days No fees 
Mozzartbet 100 – 1,000,000Instant01000 – 1,000,00024-72 hours0

The Pros and Cons of Betting with Verve

If you are considering using Verve to process deposits and withdrawals, read on as we go through the advantages and disadvantages of Verve as a payment method. 

Advantages Of Verve for Betting Platform Users

Wide Acceptance in Africa

As more African countries embrace online betting, Verve’s popularity ensures users have a reliable payment option. The service primarily benefits users who cannot access other online payment methods.

Trusted Payment Provider

Users can feel secure knowing that Verve is a reputable African payment provider. This trust is crucial in the betting industry, where secure transactions are paramount.

Security of Transactions

Verve offers a security comparable to international credit cards. Users can make deposits and withdrawals knowing that their financial information is protected.


The payment process with Verve is straightforward, allowing users to fund their betting accounts and start playing quickly. This is essential for users who want to enjoy live betting opportunities.

Promotes Responsible Gambling

By using Verve, users can better manage their betting budgets. This is a valuable tool for promoting responsible gambling and preventing overspending.

Supports Local Economy

Through Verve, you support African financial technology companies, contributing to the local economy’s growth.

Disadvantages for Betting Platform Users

Limited Availability

The biggest drawback for users is that not all betting platforms accept Verve. This limits the choices available to users and could prevent them from using their preferred betting site.

Potential for Limited International Use

Users looking to bet on international platforms may find that Verve is not accepted, which could be a significant disadvantage for those wanting to access a broader range of betting options.

Less Established than Other Payment Methods

Some users might be cautious about using a newer payment method, mainly if they are accustomed to more established options.

Possible Lack of Rewards and Incentives

Unlike some other payment methods that offer rewards or incentives for use, Verve may not provide these additional benefits, which could be a potential drawback for users looking to maximize their betting value.

Dependence on the Growth of the Payment Method

The future utility of Verve for betting platform users is contingent on its continued adoption and growth. Users investing in using Verve as their primary payment method are reliant on its increasing acceptance among betting platforms.

Top 5 Verve Bookmakers in Nigeria


Betano has quickly established a strong presence in online gambling, gaining widespread recognition and extending its services to include Nigeria. The platform stands out due to its wide range of betting options and user-friendly mobile app, ensuring a top-tier gambling experience within a safe environment.

  • Has a statistics feature to learn about past performances
  • New players can use the “Bet Mentor” to get suggestions.
  • Live scores are available for games.
  • Has a broad sports betting market.
  • The deposit methods have zero transaction fees.
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Established in 2014, BetBonanza has secured a license from the Lagos State Lotteries Board and has become a notable player in the Nigerian betting scene. The platform provides competitive odds, attractive promotions, and a range of secure payment methods. While it might not have the same level of recognition as some other platforms, it is making a name for itself and becoming a popular choice among bettors. BetBonanza offers a solid betting experience thanks to a user-friendly interface and various betting markets.

  • The platform has a statistics feature for in-depth analysis.
  • Players can place in-play bets on several sports.
  • The sportsbook has several betting markets.
  • It offers a mobile-compatible betting platform.
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Operating in several African countries, BetKing is known for its innovative betting options and dependable platform. Whether you’re interested in virtual sports or trying your luck with jackpot bets, BetKing has something to offer.

The betting platform is licensed by the National Lotteries and Regulatory Commission (NLRC), ensuring it meets legal and ethical standards. BetKing offers exceptional customer support through live chat, phone, and email.

  • Mobile friendly online sportsbook
  • Great odds
  • Attractive bonuses and promotions
  • In-play betting support
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Mozzartbet is a rising betting platform in Nigeria, acclaimed for its extensive sportsbook, various casino games, and generous bonuses for both new and veteran players. The platform offers several deposit options but only a few withdrawal methods.

Despite its user-friendly interface and diverse betting markets, the platform has areas for improvement, particularly in its customer support responsiveness and the absence of a bet builder feature. 

With its competitive odds and in-play betting feature, Mozzartbet provides a comprehensive and enjoyable betting experience, making it a recommended choice for punters in Nigeria.

  • The sportsbook offers many bonuses to players.
  • It has a mobile application for Android and iOS users.
  • Telephone support is available for quick response.
  • There is live streaming support.
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Are there any Transaction Fees with Verve

When engaging in betting transactions using Verve, users can generally expect not to incur additional fees from the bookmaker’s end. Most betting platforms allow for fee-free deposits and withdrawals when Verve is utilized, ensuring users’ funds remain intact.

However, the clarity on transaction fees becomes murky when considering Verve’s charges. The official documentation and FAQs provided by Verve do not explicitly outline any additional fees for using their services in the context of betting transactions.

Users are advised to directly engage in deposits or withdrawals on their chosen betting platforms to understand any transaction fees associated with Verve. This practical approach is the most reliable means to uncover any potential extra charges that may not be immediately apparent from Verve’s official communications.


Verve offers a secure and user-friendly option for online betting transactions in Nigeria despite some limitations in availability and potential rewards. Its contribution to the local economy and the betting industry is notable, ensuring its relevance in the evolving online betting landscape.