Last updated on November 14th, 2023

Skrill Sports Betting Sites in Nigeria

The online betting landscape in Nigeria has witnessed significant growth, with an increasing number of platforms integrating versatile payment options to cater to user preferences. Among these, Skrill has emerged as a popular choice, offering a seamless and secure means of conducting transactions.

This article reviews various aspects of using Skrill for betting in Nigeria, ranging from the specific bookmakers that accept it, transaction fees, and pros and cons to the intricacies of handling finances on betting platforms via Skrill.  

Online Sportsbooks That Accept Skrill in Nigeria


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Fees, Timing, and Limits Applied by Skrill Bookmakers in Nigeria

Skrill is another commonly used payment method on betting platforms, each with its fees, processing times, and limitations. The following table provides essential details regarding Skrill payments at Nigerian bookmakers:

BookmakerMin. – Max. Deposit(₦)Deposit Transaction Time Deposit Fees (₦)Min. – Max. Withdrawal (₦)Withdrawal Transaction TimeWithdrawal Fees (₦)
N1Bet 100 – 5,000,000InstantNo Fees4,500 – 250,0005 mins – 24 hrsNo Fees

The Pros and Cons of Betting with Skrill

Opting for Skrill as a payment mechanism for betting encompasses a spectrum of benefits and drawbacks. A comprehensive understanding of these facets is crucial for making an informed decision regarding its adoption.

Advantages of Utilizing Skrill for Betting

Promptness and Ease of Use

Skrill distinguishes itself through the swift processing of transactions, ensuring immediate deposits and withdrawals. This practicality is particularly advantageous for bettors who engage via mobile devices, providing seamless access to funds.

Robust Security Protocols

As a payment method, Skrill is synonymous with security. Regulated meticulously by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Skrill integrates advanced protective measures, safeguarding financial transactions and personal data with utmost integrity.

Extensive Acceptance

Skrill’s compatibility with many reputable online betting platforms underscores its wide-ranging acceptance. This universal compatibility affords users diverse options for their betting endeavors.

Competitive Fee Structure

When juxtaposed with alternative payment methods, such as credit cards, Skrill’s fee structure is comparatively modest for both deposit and withdrawal transactions, thereby optimizing cost-efficiency for users.

Exclusive Promotional Incentives

Select betting platforms offer unique bonuses and promotional incentives exclusively for Skrill users, enhancing the overall user experience and adding value to transactions.

Disadvantages of Utilizing Skrill for Betting

Verification Obligations

To mitigate fraudulent activities, Skrill mandates a comprehensive verification process for all users. While integral for security, this process may necessitate a considerable duration, particularly for new adopters.

Currency Conversion Charges

Transactions involving currency conversion incur additional fees. Users transacting in currencies divergent from their Skrill account’s default currency should remain aware of these potential surcharges.

Limitations on Transaction Disputes

In disputes or discrepancies with betting platforms, Skrill might not offer the same chargeback protection as some other payment avenues. This could place users in a less advantageous position when seeking resolution.

Top Skrill Bookmaker in Nigeria


N1Bet is a recent addition to the Nigerian betting industry, licensed in 2021. The platform offers a user-friendly interface and multiple betting options, such as Casino, Sports, Live-Inplay, and Cyber Sports. Notably, it allows users to place bets using Bitcoin. Their odds are competitive, especially for football events, and they’ve tailored their online services to suit the preferences of Nigerian bettors. 

The platform provides multiple options for deposits and withdrawals, such as Skrill, Bitcoin, USSD, Bank Transfer, FlutterWave, and Credit Card. Withdrawals typically take 5 minutes to 24 hours, with set minimum and maximum withdrawal limits. Additionally, N1Bet offers efficient customer support through live chat, email, and a contact form on their platform.

While N1Bet offers advantages such as high odds, particularly in football, and various promotions, it also needs improvement. The platform lacks features like a bet builder and Acca Insurance, which are becoming standard in the industry. Furthermore, they don’t have a dedicated mobile app, but their website is well-designed and easy to navigate.

  • The interface is user-friendly and intuitive.
  • It supports in-play sports betting.
  • There is round-the-clock customer service.
  • The platform simulates live matches.
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Are there any Transaction Fees with Skrill?

When navigating the intricacies of transaction fees associated with Skrill on Nigerian betting platforms, a comprehensive understanding is crucial to avoid unforeseen expenses.

Regarding depositing funds, Skrill stands out in the Nigerian betting scene as it generally does not levy any charges for transferring money to betting accounts. This approach positions Skrill as an economical choice for punters looking to fund their betting activities.

However, users must remain vigilant and scrutinize the terms and conditions of the specific betting platform they choose to engage with. Some Nigerian betting sites may impose their fees for deposits made via Skrill, and being aware of these potential additional charges is essential for a smooth transaction process.

Withdrawal transactions depict a different scenario. Skrill enforces a flat fee for any funds transferred from your Skrill account, irrespective of the withdrawal amount. Users should note that while Skrill does not dictate a minimum withdrawal limit, it caps the maximum withdrawal per transaction at ₦250,000 for N1Bet users. This fee structure is a critical consideration for Nigerian bettors, especially those who engage in frequent or substantial withdrawal transactions.

Additionally, currency conversion is a pivotal aspect of transaction fees with Skrill, particularly relevant in the Nigerian betting landscape where multiple currencies may be in play. If a transaction necessitates converting funds from one currency to another, Skrill will apply a currency conversion fee, typically in the ballpark of 3.99%.

This fee is pertinent to both deposits and withdrawals and can significantly impact the overall cost-effectiveness of using Skrill for betting transactions in Nigeria.


Skrill stands out as a reliable and efficient payment method for online betting in Nigeria, providing users with swift transactions, robust security, and a user-friendly experience. While it offers numerous advantages such as instant deposits, low fees, and widespread acceptance, users must also navigate potential downsides such as the verification process and currency conversion fees. By understanding these aspects, bettors can make an informed decision, ensuring a seamless betting experience on Nigerian platforms that accept Skrill.