Last updated on December 9th, 2022

What is Multiple Betting at Nigerian Bookies

As the name implies, multiple betting is a type of wagering in which various bets are combined into a single wager. When betting on just one selection in any market (Money Line, Handicap, Over/Under, etc.), the wager is called a “Single.” Multiples are bets where the outcome depends on the results of more than one single bet.


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For punters, a multiple can go by several names. Some may call it an accumulator, while others will call it a parlay. The bet is the same regardless of what you call it. All of the choices in a multiple should win for the bet to be considered a winner, just as your single bet selection should win for your bet to be considered a success. The odds for the most popular variety of multiple bets are calculated by multiplying the odds for each choice by each other. Some bookies in Nigeria offer multi-bet bonuses, and these can come in different forms. You may be lucky enough to have it as part of a welcome offer or a promotional deal.

Which Nigerian Operators offer Multiple Betting

As a Nigerian sports betor, you have access to many different bookies, and there’s a chance that most of them provide the multiple bet option. Below are the top sites to try multiple betting:

How we can get the Multiple Betting

To get the multiple betting bonus offer at your chosen sportsbook, you’ll need to register as a member. Also, you should make sure that the bookie you choose allows multiple bets and has a bonus for them. Once you’re certain, follow the steps below to get the multiple betting offer:

Note that it’s always a good idea to confirm what kind of multiple bet offers the bookie offers. If it’s a cashout offer, you’ll need to place bets and get a chance to cash out if you feel like one of the games might not go your way.

What we need to know about Multiple Betting

Like other kinds of bonuses or offers, the multiple bet bonus comes with special requirements. Not all betting sites will allow you to benefit from multiple bets beyond claiming your wins if every game you bet on goes as predicted. If you get a welcome offer that supports multiple bets, then you’ll need to note what kinds of games you can bet on and at what odds.

Also, if it is a cashout offer, you’ll need to note how many of the games you bet on must be unconcluded before you can cash out. Some bookies will let you cash out when there is only one game left. On rare occasions, some bookies will let you cash out when there is more than one game left. Before you take advantage of the multiple bet offer, you should ask the bookmaker if there are any special rules you need to follow. There are many times when your selected games are going well, then a single game ruins everything. Multiple betting bonuses like the cashout offer can help you make some cash rather than lose everything because of one bad game.